One comment on ““Cuss”tomer Service In America: It Can Be Fixed!

  1. I think this is an excellent article. Customer service has been lost in this country. 800 number’s answered in India or the Philippines, or the scenario you described above with the website company. If I’m paying for something from a company, I expect to be treated professionally and in a reasonable amount of time. I’m not impressed by someone telling me, “we’ll get to your issue as soon as we can, but we’re very busy”. I wonder if they would have time if we said, “I’ll pay your invoice when I get a chance, but I’m too busy to write a check right now”? I will recognize great customer service and often write a letter to the owner or CEO if an employee goes above and beyond. If it’s poor customer service, I’ll make it my life’s mission to have it corrected and in today’s world, there’s no better way to get a company’s attention – than the power of social media. Which makes me wonder… why not provide great customer service in the beginning and alleviate the potential of spending even more time on poor customer service damage control?

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